Your Last Sip

We live moments

Each and every one is precious

Yet, our minds

Link them together

Fill them up with its own content

To come to conclusions

To create stories

Our minds are the best story tellers, ever

The stories they tell

Are not necessarily right

If you cut the links

And lived each moment

As a moment

A breath to breath

You realized

That the stories of the mind

Were mostly fabricated

Clouded by memory

Or let’s say movies

That run in our heads


What if we got out of the movie?

What if we joined the audience?

Sat and watched

Would our perspective change?

Who were we then?

The fact that

You can watch your thoughts

Proves that you are not

Your mind

The mind likes to solve problems

If it doesn’t find one

It creates its own

A mind without a heart

Is so dangerous

The fountain of true wisdom

Springs from the heart

Not the mind

The mind is a great tool

Yet, a lousy Master

Life is a collection of moments

See what happened

If you lived them separately

You let go of one

to leap into the next

That’s not easy

After years of being inside the movie

Drink from the fountain of life

One sip at a time

No hurry

No Rush

Your last Sip

Is waiting for you

Not the other way around


About The Soaring Eagle

Entrepreneur, Investor, Solution Architect, Award-winning poet, Published author
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