Long time ago

Before  Time

Before Space

In the midst of Emptiness

There was a family

Just a couple

They loved each other

Like no other

They stood for each other

No matter

They strived

To survive

In the ocean

Of emptiness

And they did

They managed to bring

The first family

To this world

With love, passion and determination

Yet with dignity and pride

Family is a manifestation

Of so many principles

Love, hope, and respect

Warmth, help, and unity

Strength, pride, and selflessness

Prosperity and True Wealth

Support, work, and belief

In you, when you no longer

Believe in yourself

Belonging to a bigger self

While being your own self

Like a drop of water

In the ocean of wonder

Every drop is water

But together

They make an ocean

Of water

Family is irreplaceable

Family is the beginning

And it’s the end

As with everything else

You reap

What you sow

It’s an honour

To be called

A family-man!

This means

You have been brave enough

To take what the Creator

Has blessed you with

And build the most important institution

On the face of Earth



About The Soaring Eagle

Entrepreneur, Investor, Solution Architect, Award-winning poet, Published author
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9 Responses to Family

  1. فاطمة says:

    هل أضع الترجمة هنا..فهمت أنك تستمهلني قليلا..

  2. فاطمة says:

    رائعة يا يمان.. ما أبرعك في استكناه الحقائق البسيطة..التي يدهشنا كم نعرفها وأنت تقولها، وكم تفوتنا قيمتها بحكم الاعتياد.
    أرى أن ترسلها للنشر..ولعلي أترجمها قريبا وأضعها على الأقل في صفحتي على الفيس..
    صورة آدم وحواء وبدء الحياة على الأرض..تحبس الأنفاس..
    لا فض فوك..سلم الله هذه الموهبة الجميلة التي يصقلها الألم كل يوم حتى تتجوهر وتشع وتنير الطريق لمن حولها بإذن اللطيف الخبير ..

    نحن بانتظارك، هناك من وما ينتظرك يا أخي بعد انتهاء هذا المعسكر الرباني.. / قابل للمسح

  3. Hashem says:

    I think I now these family and I think that I now these man. Hes name is Yaman or shod say dad that was the best poem u have wrote and it is very true I love and I think that u r coming on the 8th right I LOVE u and miss u:-) ……..

  4. salma says:

    And we are proud to call you our family man!

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