The Soaring Eagle

The Soaring Eagle

Loves to fly

Up high

He builds his nests

In the mountains

On the summits

He spends most of his life

Flying alone

Watching the landscape

From high above

His wings are long

His eyes are sharp

And his soul is pure

Knows no limits

No barriers

Up in the summit

Where he built one of his nests

The Soaring Eagle

Faced a mighty storm


He tried to fly

Against the storm

But the storm was stronger

Than the tenacious eagle

It broke his wing

Destroyed his nest

And left him wounded

The Soaring Eagle

Can no longer fly

Let alone soar

In addition to that

He’s completely alone

No eagle can fly

with one wing

Most eagles die

After a broken wing

They can’t swing

They can’t bring

Food to the nest

They bleed to death

The Soaring Eagle

Refused that path

Deep down in his soul

He knows there’s a way out

Of this trying misery

He is not defeated

He is injured

There’s a big difference there

The Soaring Eagle

Walked down the mountain

Found something to eat on the way

But did not surrender

No one knows his fate

The body might perish

After a while of

No hunting, no food

But the spirit

Does not die

The spirit of the Soaring Eagle

Is Immortal


About The Soaring Eagle

Entrepreneur, Investor, Solution Architect, Award-winning poet, Published author
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4 Responses to The Soaring Eagle

  1. Abdullah says:

    Insha’allah the wounded eagle will heal so its body AND soul will fly again, higher and higher.

    As always, reading your poems is joyful.

    • Healing is a long process, and it’s different from recovering. The Soaring Eagle has neither recovered, nor healed yet. He is going through a tough time, alas his deep wounds. He feels alone. He is in the world but not of the world.

  2. فاطمة says:

    Deep down in his soul
    He knows there’s a way out

    إنه يعرف في أعماقه، أن هناك طريقاً للخلاص
    صور مؤثرة تستطيع أن تطلق الخيال.. ودائماً يهيمن الإيمان والثقة بالله على الضربات التي ينهي بها الفنان لوحته..
    رضينا بالله ربا، وبالإسلام دينا، وبمحمد صلى الله عليه وسلم نبياً ورسولاً.
    سلمت يداك والله معك برعايته ولطفه دائماً

    • The Soaring Eagle is lost in the mountain. Still bleeding and in severe pain. God knows how much longer could he last. Yet, his soul never dies, it moves to the other side, where it belongs..

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