The Forgotten

Far away

Beyond the high seas

Behind the high mountains

A forgotten soul

Suffers alone

No one knows

No one cares

He is done calling

No one is coming

The distant land

is empty

Of tender hearts

His calls got swallowed

In the echo

Against the high mountains

Deep down the vast ocean

He finally realized

He’s got to make it

On his own

No one is coming

That gave him some peace

When you stop expecting

You start praying

And that what matters

That what brings real help

Human beings are lost

In their own minds

To hear a faint call

It is not their mistake

That they don’t know better

They are preoccupied

By their own thoughts

Thoughts that never stop

About the past,

About  the future,

But none about the present

unless something happens

It’s hard to focus

on the present by sheer intention

Some even find it boring

Although the present

Is the only real thing

Any one of us

Could ever have

The Forgotten has decided

To live in the present

Not for the present!

Not for the future

But IN the present

That, he hopes

May bring him some piece

He’s done waiting

He’s done expecting

As no one is coming

But he doesn’t care


After all…

They are only mortal people


About The Soaring Eagle

Entrepreneur, Investor, Solution Architect, Award-winning poet, Published author
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2 Responses to The Forgotten

  1. Abdullah says:

    You will always missed Khalo, but never forgotten! 😉

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