Your Path in Life

Her eyes were wet, full of tears

She couldn’t talk

There was a street between them

She tried to wave, but she was cold

They both walked, stealing a glance

every now and then

But they both knew

Their paths have diverged

The rain started falling

on the two sad souls

Tears melt in the rain

But they kept going

He couldn’t do anything

except waving and silently crying

He knew, he’ll never see her again

Their paths in life

Have diverged

Each one prayed

the other’s path

would treat them well

She disappeared in a dark alley

He can’t see her anymore

And that was that

Everyday we meet new people

At preset moments

Where our paths 

Had been destined to cross

Then we move away

in different paths

Our paths in life

Have diverged

You came here alone

You grew up with people

You came across

Different people

You loved some

You did not love some

You kept silent most of the time

Or you picked fights over a dime

It doesn’t matter that much

Maybe at the moment

the next day

A week later

Then you forgot

Both the silence

Or the fight

A record has been kept

But you forgot that too

It’s in your name

That you forget

Yet some moments are unforgettable

Those of extreme pain

Or extreme joy

They dig so deep

In the so-called ‘memory’

They usually come back

At exactly

The wrong time

Now put all that aside

Do you know when you’re leavin’?

Of course not!

So, what are you doing then?

Waiting to be taken

In a big surprise?

Make a list

Start with those you’ve once hurt

See how you would

Straighten things out

You might end up

With more than a list

A database

A Relational database

With files, tables, records and fields

The fact you care

Is more important

Than filling out

The whole database

But try

See how far

You could go

Now put all that aside

Have a heart-to-heart talk

With your own heart

No one is watching

No one is Listening

Of course, of human beings

So be honest and straightforward

If you can’t do that

With your own heart

Then forget about

The database

Forget about amending

Your emotional account

With those you once

cared about

Then the time comes

No warnings, no 30-day notice


You’re leaving NOW


Will you be ready

To answer

The difficult questions?

Some of them

were in the database

Some are completely new

And puzzling

It’s coming

Sooner than you’d think

It’s about time

To have that


Talk and chat

With your own heart


About The Soaring Eagle

Entrepreneur, Investor, Solution Architect, Award-winning poet, Published author
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2 Responses to Your Path in Life

  1. Salma says:

    The Beginning is so vividly sad…I could write a story about it I loved it.

    • I usually don’t have a plot for the poem. After I finish, especially with this one, I realize that the beginning sets the stage for the rest of the poem. Or in other words, puts the reader in the spirit of the poem, if you will

      The Soaring Eagle

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