An Ocean of Tears

Close your eyes

Listen to the waves

They don’t stop

They are tireless

They keep doing the same thing

Over and over and over

For millions of years

A drop of water

In an ocean

Is insignificant

But Billions of drops together

Are magnificent

A tear is not just a tear

It conveys an ocean of meaning

How about a billion tears?

An ocean of tears?

Life without tears

Is like an ocean without

drops of water

So dry

Why do human beings

hold back their tears?

Especially men!

Tears are a sort of blessing

A sign of magnificence

A silent way

Of telling the world:

I am in pain, or joy

So to be tearful, is also a sign of courage

Go ahead, let that ocean of tears flow

Let it wet everything around

Never hold it back again

That was a mistake

A wide-spread mistake

And wide-spread mistakes

become accepted reality

over time

What makes a man cry?

A broken arm, an open chest

not really!

Men cry when the pain

resides inside

When the pain is untouchable


That’s what makes a man cry


Yet, men are not supposed to cry

Like elephants are not supposed to fly!

A widely acceptable tradition

Is it fair?

Traditions are man-made

Sometimes they are unfair

To say the least

Think about that…


About The Soaring Eagle

Entrepreneur, Investor, Solution Architect, Award-winning poet, Published author
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