The Wrangler

The water bottle is empty

The horse is thirsty

A lizard is looking for a quick hide

Underneath the horse’s hooves

It was too late, it’s got squashed

The Wrangler dismounts to pick up

Tonight’s dinner

But still, there is no water

The sizzling sun has dried up everything

Dead or alive

So that none survives

Only birds know

Where to find water

Before all others

The Wrangler looks up

Searching for birds

The burning sun blinds his eyes

He closes his eyes, and keeps going

The dry wind lashes his rough skin

After a while, he opens his eyes

The horse is lying down

No movement

He’s died of thirst

Without hesitation

The wrangler cuts the horse’s belly open

To his dismay, it’s empty

All this meet, but no water

Where does water come from, the Wrangler wonders:

Rivers, snow, the sky

None of those is nearby

And the sky is empty, and dry

And then he thought:

How about this ground I’m standing on?

I don’t see any water running, but

I can’t see beneath the surface

What’s in there?

More sand, bones, and maybe…

Since, like my horse,

I’m dying anyway

Let’s do something today

And he started digging right away

No matter how dry the surface looks

The land you’re stepping on

Right now

Could be floating

On a lake

Of sweet, pure water

After five hours of relentless digging

The shovel came back wet!

Sure thing, there’s water deep down

It’s taken some diggin’ though!


All you need is two things:

A strong faith and a shovel


About The Soaring Eagle

Entrepreneur, Investor, Solution Architect, Award-winning poet, Published author
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2 Responses to The Wrangler

  1. مؤمنة says:

    (يا بنيّ اذهبوا فتحسسوا من يوسف وأخيه ولا تيأسوا من روح الله إنه لا ييأس من روح الله إلا القوم الكافرونَ ) .

    الثقة بالله والأمل بالخير المخبوء عنده عز وجل سلاحنا في هذه الحياة

    • Trust is everything. Once you overcome that hurdle, the rest is easy.

      Our existence on this Earth is the toughest hurdle. To overcome it, we must have trust in something bigger and mightier than ourselves. Something that can pull us up when we fall, dusts us off, and gives us that warm push to continue.

      And that is Allah and Allah alone.

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