God Has given you two ears

And one tongue

So that you hear

More than you talk

Listen to the birds

To the trees

Everything in this vast Universe talks

In its own language

Glorifying the Creator

Can you hear?

In order to hear

You’ve got to listen first

Stop talking

Silence is the strongest of talks

The pause between the letters

Is more important

Than the letters

Without that silence

Without that emptiness

There won’t be any complete word

Any spoken language

Listen to the mountains

Listen to the ocean

Deeply appreciate the surf, the waves

Close your eyes, open your heart

Don’t talk

Stop even the inner talk!

That which goes forever

Inside the chamber

Of the inner

Self, and concur

Your focus on the splendor

That’s all around you, no wonder


Too much talk

Is the way of the weak

The more you know

The less you talk

Listen to the people

To their sense

And non sense

What they don’t say

Is more important than what they say

Because most of  human beings

Have been manipulated by the fear of truth

When someone faces them with that truth

They hate them

They hate to see their true faces in the mirror

Keep silent as much as you can

At the end, you shall be satisfied


About The Soaring Eagle

Entrepreneur, Investor, Solution Architect, Award-winning poet, Published author
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2 Responses to Silence

  1. مؤمنة says:

    صدقت يا يمان

    الصمت أبلغ من الكلام أحيانا
    قيل أن يوم الخميس الذي سبق خروج أهل درعا كان يومَ صمتٍ ثقيل أخاف المسؤولين هناك
    وأقلقهم فخرجت مندوبتهم
    بعثوا رسالتهم القوية بصمتهم

    رب كلمة لم يقلها صاحبها تزيده قوة ومهابة ومنعة

  2. Abdullah says:

    Prphpet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him said: “Whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day, let him say what is righteous or keep silent.”

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