A Heart of Stone

Have you ever measured your heart rate?

Have you ever seen a heart pumping?

It’s a miracle, taking place

seventy times a minute

Yet, only few notice how great

A pumping heart is, to your fate

Is it a set fate?

Or can we participate?

Do we start from a clean slate?

How much control do we have

over our fate?

Is it too late?

To mend a broken heart

To revive the state

Of a relationship, with a soul-mate?


Some hearts are stone-carved

They pump, but they do not feel

They’re physical hearts, with a heart rate

Nothing touch them emotionally

They are solid-state


Sounds like a foreign word, with no taste

If you sense a stone heart

Turn around, and don’t hesitate

To stay away, far away

Look after your heart, for it determines your fate

A good, pure heart is your passport

To a life of a completely different taste

from the one you struggle with right now

Stone hearts are everywhere

You just have to use your God-given instinct

To spot one

It’s a hopeless case

It’s a test for those of real hearts

How would they articulate

The existence of such a heart

Carved of stone, solid-state?

Look no farther

For an answer

It’s a hopeless case, and it’s fate


About The Soaring Eagle

Entrepreneur, Investor, Solution Architect, Award-winning poet, Published author
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