Who Are You When No One is Looking?

Are you the same person?

Do you feel watched?

Do you obey reason?

When no one is looking

When you are alone, thinking

Or doing something

Do you think you are really alone?

Go ahead, hide inside four walls

Lower the drapes, and lock the door

Are you alone now?

You figure, of course!

Or maybe not

Do you know what it feels to be absolutely alone?

Scary, horrible, and unbearable

But you’ve never experienced that

Because you’ve never been alone!


When the tides are against you

When the wind blows your ship into the storm

When nobody understands or feels your pain

Remember! You’re not alone

Look up, close your eyes, and feel it

A moment turns into eternity

When you are not alone


But if you think you are alone

And you can do whatever you want

When no one is watching

Then think again

If you don’t sense something

Through any of your five senses

It doesn’t mean

That something does not exist

It does

But your senses block you

From sensing everything around

That’s why: You Are Not Alone!


About The Soaring Eagle

Entrepreneur, Investor, Solution Architect, Award-winning poet, Published author
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