The Walker

His shadow is dancing on the burning desert sand

His shade follows him wherever he goes

The walker has no destination in mind

The sand has covered his hands, eyebrows and jaws

He’s following his inner compass, he’s not blind

The movement of sand underneath his bare feet

Makes him intrigued, but at times, mad

Nothing is visible on the horizon

As far as his sight can go

He’s always been a loner, but not sad

Long ago, he had realized

That being with human beings is bad

He also realized

That Depending on human beings is even worse

They are nice and fine, as long as you stay away

From their money and wives

But that’s not all

They could be aggressive, judgmental and,

Could ruin your life, if you did not realize that


You came here alone

And you shall leave alone

What’s in between, is your own business

As long as you keep your hands to yourself

And your tongue inside

The walker knows that, and more

But he couldn’t handle the selfishness around

And since he couldn’t keep his hands to himself

His tongue inside

He decided to leave, to explore God’s Creation

With his own eyes and ears

With his own pure heart

People like to repeat the old saying: Life is hard

Which part exactly?

Your own mind is hard my friend!

That’s why you think life is hard

The Creator Had made it nice and livable

But He Had also Given you an instrument called “mind”

That instrument is so dangerous

It manipulates reality in very clever ways

So what you see, is not exactly what’s out there

It’s been altered by your own mind

So don’t take whatever the mind says for granted

You are bigger than the mind!

The walker knows that

So he escaped the sorry world

Governed by a bunch of distorted minds

He also asks:

What does happen to the mind when you die?

It dies with the body!

What is left is who you really are

A soul, pure or not, that’s up to you

And to the deeds you had done

While you were still on the land

So go, go walker, explore the Universe

It’s been created for the likes of you

You are not a nomad

You are an intelligent being who could see the truth

While the rest keep saying: Life is Hard!

That’s why you had to leave the Land!


About The Soaring Eagle

Entrepreneur, Investor, Solution Architect, Award-winning poet, Published author
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