Have you ever seen a dagger?

A sharp blade, shining silver

Have you ever seen someone being stabbed in the back?

With such a dagger?

I have

It’s painful, disappointing, when you know the stabber

The wound is wide, bloody, and the wounded suffers

As he knows the stabber

He can’t talk, but his heart says: Why?

Of all the people, you were closer

than most of them, yet you had the guts, to stab

someone you were supposed to love


The pain fades away gradually

The soul ascends to its Creator

In peace, as the stabbed becomes among those who prosper

In the Day After

No matter

How severe the earthly pain was

He is now calm and happier

But the stabber’s life has become miserable

He can’t get rid of that picture out of his head

Those eyes that keep asking: Why you?

I loved you, I had a soft spot for you in my heart

What made it possible, what had dragged you lower

Beneath your principles,  to the rotten matter

We’re all gone, one day or another

But that’s not the end

There is life, forever

suffering here, becomes pleasure

The days are numbered

The wound doesn’t heal till later

Before the Creator

From Him there is no escape

His Word is final

That day is approaching nearer

Even if no one pays attention

It is going to be here before anybody can even whisper

So why had you stabbed someone close?

Do you have an answer?

Before the Creator


About The Soaring Eagle

Entrepreneur, Investor, Solution Architect, Award-winning poet, Published author
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