It’s fear, and it will appear!

So, what are you afraid of?

Fear is a learned habit, infants do not fear

Look around you. Every media is teaching fear

Why? It’s the easiest way to keep you under control

What are the sources of fear?

Attachments and aversions

It’s that simple

If you’re not attached to anything or anyone

If you are not avoiding anything or anyone

Fear has no access to you, does that appeal?

To your logic, your heart, or does it confuse you more?

A little fear is good, it protects you

Too much fear kills you

Look fear in the eye; it’s another illusion

Don’t let fear stand between you and your dreams, it’s confusion

Shred the barrier of fear, you’d find nothing behind it

Do you know what you should fear? Fear itself, for it’s a delusion

Teach your kids courage, not fear, they’ll thank you one day

Go for that trip, ride that horse, marry that sweetheart

Stand up for what you believe

It’s hard at the beginning; start small: Like climbing the Himalaya!

Then tackle that emotional stuff, for it’s tough

Your time is set, your struggle for money won’t bring you any

Do your best, but keep dreaming  

Do not undermine your dreams because you can’t touch them right know

They will come in time, if you keep them vivid somewhere in you

Move in their direction, Allah will help you, no doubt

Fear is the enemy, for it’s inside, but don’t fight

with might

that’s not the way

It’ll make fear grow stronger

There are ways, go look for them, you’ll find if you really want

And once you’re free from fear, life will have a different taste

You’ll start seeing what’s behind the curtain of space and time

Go ahead, try, fail, and try again, but always believe

that no matter how strong the grieve


There will always be a way, as long as you believe

That you are not alone

You are never alone

And, that my friend, is the start and the end of all struggle…


About The Soaring Eagle

Entrepreneur, Investor, Solution Architect, Award-winning poet, Published author
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4 Responses to Fear

  1. فاطمة says:

    و هذه حقائق ثمينة جدا.. وأؤيد قولك أنا نحط من شأن أطفالنا، وهم أذكى كثيرا مما نتوقع أو نتخيل
    وكلما نشأتهم على حرية التفكير، ولم تجبرهم على العيش في قوالبنا الجاهزة..فاجؤوك أكثر

  2. فاطمة says:

    السلام عليكم
    أخبار ليبيا الدائمة تستنزف الوقت والقوى
    تدوولت فكرة الخوف في العائلة في وقت متأخر..وكيف ربينا عليه، وكيف أن عبارة: أخاف أن..، حتى في شؤون بسيطة، وقرارات يومية؛ تدخل في صلب لغتنا وتفكيرنا
    ترى أيهما أسبق في زرع ثقافة الخوف: النظام السياسي أم الاجتماعي؟
    الخوف هو العدو لأنه في داخلنا، لكن لا تحاربوه بالقوة، لأنه سيزداد قوة” ..
    عندما تتحرر منالخوف، تجد للحياة طعماً آخر” .. هذه طريق طويلة جدا تبدأ بالوعي والتنبه إلى أن مشكلتنا هي الخوف..
    ولقد عرف التونسيون، ثم المصريون أنهم كانوا يخافون نموراً من ورق..وأعربوا عن فرحتهم بنسائم الحرية..هل رأيت التونسي الذي يصيح ليلاً في شارع: بن علي هرب.. بن علي هرب
    هذا موضوع هام بل أساسي يا يمان، ولعلك تعود إليه من زوايا أخرى

    اللهم ألهمنا تمام الثقة بك والتوكل عليك والاستعانة بك..

    • EarlyEagle1 says:

      Yes! You’re absolutely right. The language of fear is wide spread, let alone the actions. A child could sense the fear around him or her even without words or actions. We underestimate our children. They are much more intelligent than we think they are.

      In his book “The Biology of Belief”, Dr. Bruce Lipton, a renowned biologist, mentions that after about 10 weeks of pregnancy, a baby starts receiving emotional hormones from her/his mother along with nutrients, carried with the blood stream between the mother and the baby.

      Another advice is given by Dr. Nathanial Brandon (also known as the father of self-esteem) in his book “The Six Pillars of Self Esteem”, where he says: “Give them [children] roots to grow and wings to fly”. If parents were aware of their pivotal role in building their child’s self-esteem, he or she would face external influences (social, political, economic, career, etc.) with courage, not fear.

      Early Eagle

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