To My Beloved Dad

This poem is special. It talks about a great Man; my Father. I treat it with reverence. I woke up this morning, words rushing in my head. Here it is, as is. It’s a poem written with tears, not words! 

Oh Dad! I love you

Oh Dad! I miss you

Oh Dad! I need you        


Oh Dad! I want to hug you

So tight

With all my might

Just to let you know

How much I love you!

How much I want to cry on your shoulder

I still remember

That day in September

You and I standing in the library

Your library

And you said: Son!

Why do you want to go away?

I want you to stay

I don’t want to lose my last son

For they have all gone

You are the only one

Left for me and your mom!

And I said: Dad!

I have to leave

You and I believe

It’s better

Yet it’s harder

On you, and me

We both cried silently

Like all men do

And that was that


But I still remember

That fall day in September

Standing in your library

Trying to look strong and determined

But my heart had a different say

It wanted to stay!

Next to you and mom

Where the real peace is

But you looked sad, said only few words

And then I realized

That that was your way

To say

I love you son!

I want you to stay

Don’t go away

I want to wake you up every morning

I want to go places with you

Telling people proudly: This is my son!

Of course he didn’t say any of that

But now I realize

It’s his silent way

To talk his thoughts and say:

Son! I love you

I want you to stay

Don’t go away!

You’re the only one

After they had all gone

And now you’re gone

Life will play you up and down

You shall never find a peace

Like the one you’d found right here

Beside me, beside your mom

He never said a word of that

But now I realize

That that was on his mind

His sophisticated, brilliant mind

His soft heart

It’s hard to find

A father like that


Life has sure played me up and down

And now I wish

That day in September

I had stayed next to him, the way he wanted

But it’s too late

To regret

Any of that

It’s all past

And he’s still sitting

In his library, writing his books

Missing his children, holding his tears back

But moving on

Like we all do

Moving on and on and on…


About The Soaring Eagle

Entrepreneur, Investor, Solution Architect, Award-winning poet, Published author
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9 Responses to To My Beloved Dad

  1. Lubaba says:

    Very beautiful, one of the poems I read without stopping to think about the meanings because they just flowed very smoothly, the emotions conveyed are very strong yet very close to heart, Loved it…

  2. فاطمة says:

    سبحان الله يا يمان..أسمع هذه العبارة أحياناً من مؤمنة، تقول أنها تحس أن القصيدة تملى عليها، وليس مطلوباً منها سوى تحويلها إلى حروف مقروءة

  3. فاطمة says:

    هذه قصيدة هدية لكل أب وكل أم، تضعهم في الموضع الصحيح السليم
    ، أجد في بساطة التناول دليلاً على عمق العاطفة التي تكاد تصيح: لن أجد التعبيرات والكلمات المناسبة، لذا سأكتفي بالقليل
    هل حقاً يتمنى الابن أنه لم يترك أبويه؟ حقاً ليس وقت الندم

    الله اختر لنا ولأبنائنا مافيه رضاك عنا وعنهم..واجعل أعمالنا ونياتنا خالصة لك

    • EarlyEagle1 says:

      As I said in the introduction, this poem was flowing totally alone. My fingers were receiving the words not from my mind, but directly from the broken heart.

      Early Eagle

  4. مؤمنة says:

    كتبتها بدموعك يا يمان وقرأتها بدموعي
    لماذا تتأخر الأشياء الجميلة حتى تأتي
    والكلمات الجميلة حتى تقال؟
    والأفكار الجميلة حتى ترد إلى الأذهان؟
    لماذا لا نوفر على أنفسنا العناء وندرك مبكرين.
    ونوفر على قلوبنا شطر أحزانها؟
    لماذا نترك أكبادنا تئن وسعادتها تحت أنظارنا؟
    ونترك خطواتنا تخب على الحجارة القاسية
    والدرب المعشوشب الممهد عن يميننا؟
    لماذا يا يمان ؟
    أسئلة سألها من جاء قبلنا و سيسألها من سيأتي بعدنا
    والجواب واحد لا يتغير:
    هذه سنة الحياة
    وربما روعتها
    وربما نكهتها الخاصة التي فطرها الله عليها
    لا تأس يا أخي ولا تحزن
    مازال في الطريق مرحلة
    وفي الأمل بقية
    ربما يعينان على تدارك ما فات .
    ألا تظن؟


    • EarlyEagle1 says:

      You’re asking hard questions Sister…

      I don’t think this is the right medium to answer them. Some of them go back 20 years, and they don’t apply to me only.

      The poem was a reflection of strong-flowing emotions. We can’t apply logic and reason to heart-felt emotions, can we? It’s an expression of how I feel towards my dad. Let’s keep it at that…

      That’s all I want to say.


      Early Eagle

  5. salma says:

    This is the course of life, we live, we love, we laugh we part, we grieve, we love someone else again, laugh with them again and part yet again, and grieve yet again.

    • EarlyEagle1 says:


      My hope is that this poem will play a role in creating your vision of your future!

      Also, that view of the course of life is rather simplified. There are people in your life who are irreplaceable. Their love goes with you to the grave

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