Moments of Eternity

 Every man, lives for a reason

Every man looks for something, sometimes beyond reason

Life is full of moments, some good, some not so good

Can we pick and choose, a moment for every season?

How long is a moment?

What makes a moment special? Not odd, but even!

Is it the company, the weather, the feelings, or none of the above?

I live for little moments; moments that heighten

My soul, my spirit, to new elevations

Time well spent with my children

Playing in the garden

Looking up the sky, to the hidden heaven

Being with my Lord, without intervention, or interruption

Feeling true love,  innocent passion,

True inception, silent inspiration

I live for few moments like that

Moments that have no end, no beginning

Moments that transcend time, space and human beings

What do you live for?

It’d better be something bigger than self, itself!

Something that makes you feel peaceful, at ease

Makes you lose the sense of time, of the surroundings

Then a moment turns into eternity

No Past

No Future

No Present

Just Now!

Delve into the Now

You’ll discover that

You’ve spent your whole life

Torn apart

Between yesterday

And Tomorrow

Yet, losing the sense of Now

Which is all there is

Then you have to leave the train

The trip has ended

Without your consent

You feel regretful: I’ve spent the whole trip standing!

Looking back, looking beyond

But not enjoying the ride, not sitting for a moment

I live for few moments

Of eternity

They are like water

If you try to hold on to them

They escape your fingers, forever

So just live them, and let them go

You shall have another

Or better

But Remember

To sit down and ponder

No matter

How crazy the world around gets

You could have those moments in the middle of chaos

No wonder

You have power

More than you have ever imagined, and wonder

Enjoy the splendour

Of the creation all around you, and wonder

Who could do better?

You shall get an Answer

But you’ve got to listen, closer

You’ve got to be calmer

Those are the moments

That I live for


But if I stop living them

Life loses its meaning, its taste, its zeal, its charm, and becomes sombre

That’s the time to leave to a life that is better

If I Lose

The Moments of Eternity



About The Soaring Eagle

Entrepreneur, Investor, Solution Architect, Award-winning poet, Published author
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2 Responses to Moments of Eternity

  1. salma says:

    This one is very inspiring, I can relate to it very much, as I am sure most people can, most people have lived through such moments but were unable to put the experience expressively and vividly in words, this is what you have done. I think this might be my favorite one yet. I love the domino picture it gives an air of mysteria to the poem.

    • EarlyEagle1 says:

      The message I’m trying to get across here is that first: Life is but a collection of moments, and two: Fully live those special moments, because those are the ones that would make up your real life at the end.

      Thanks Salam!

      Early Eagle

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