Kill them! Shoot them

How dare they challenge ME!

I AM the Great Colonel. I AM the One!

I am the author of the Green Book

I am the craziest of the whole lot

Where would they find someone like me?

I have burned the land, cut the heads

So there would be no one out there but me

I am the King of Africa, not only Libya

I am the Mad Dog, the Undertaker

I am the Cowboy of the Middle East

Yee haaa…

They want to replace me?

I am no Hosni, I am Gadhafi, yeh

Look at my face, my eyes, what do you see?

Don’t bother about the wrinkles

It’s only cocaine

What’s wrong with that?

My Green Book allows it, in addition to many other things

Including killing my own people

If they stop loving me

They want Tripoli?

On my dead body


I have made other arrangements

I’m using a tiny bit of the piled cash

To escape safely

Dignity is not a matter

I am a mercenary after all


Libya is not your farm loser! Libya is not your band!

Libya is a free land

Libya had bled to expel the Italians

When you were still in diapers

The Libyans will get rid of you sooner or later

But first, they should trial you

For all the crimes you’ve committed

Against them and against other people

Your history is disgusting

Escape should not be an option

You must be judged

You must be punished

And you must die. Not a martyr

But a criminal

You don’t deserve that honour

It’s for those you’ve killed to stay in power

A power you had stolen forty-two years ago

When History was taking a long nap

Allowing you, and your likes, to jump to power

A bunch of killers

Had become “presidents”

Brutal “presidents”

Killing Noble men and women

Only to stay in power

What a shame!

That one like you’d become a ruler

And don’t even think about transferring power to your son, sucker

Shame on you World…

Shame on you

It’s time to correct the mistake

With the pure blood of the Libyan Youth

Who believe;

That their blood

was the high price of freedom

And that it hasn’t been shed

In vain…


About The Soaring Eagle

Entrepreneur, Investor, Solution Architect, Award-winning poet, Published author
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7 Responses to Libya

  1. Abdullah says:

    Do you think there should be a global intervention? U.S Defense Sec. Bob Gates said instituting a “no-fly-zone” starts with bombing all air-force bases.

    Sorry, I don’t mean to turn the discussion into a political one.

    • EarlyEagle1 says:

      There should be a global assistance, but the Libyan people should tumble, prosecute, and execute this criminal! It’s their right, and that’s the only way to remedy some of their accumulated pain.

  2. فاطمة says:

    كما في قصيدة مصر، تتحدث بضمير المتكلم في محاولة لاختراق نفسية الطاغية، وليس سلوكه فحسب.. وقد استطعت نقل مشاعره المتعالية الصاخبة الغاضبة ..
    في حديث الشعب- سبحان الله- أبرزت التصميم، لكن دون عجرفة ولا تجبر كالذي بدا في المقطع الأول، إنهم صوت الحق الطيب الذي لا يجور ولا يتجاوز مهما أحس بالقوة..فهو يعلم أن الله أكبر.
    أعتقد كما أشرت لسلمى أن الوضع في ليبيا، والعلاقة بين الطاغية والبشر لا تحتمل التناغم ولا التدفق الذي قد تتطلبه علاقات أخرى..

    أعجبتني إشاراتك التاريخية إلى كيفية صعود هؤلاء الجبارين في غفلة من التاريخ..كما لم تنس أن تعيب على العالم صمته الطويل..ورضاه بما يحدث في بلادنا( مادامت مصالحه محفوظة) وكثير من الإشارات الأخرى..

    سلمت يداك

    • EarlyEagle1 says:

      What bothers me the most is: Why has there been such a long silence for 42 years? This mercenary has been abusing Libya: resources, reputation, people, and economy; you name it. His fortune now exceeds that of Hosni, almost $40 billion. He was 27 when he had jumped to power, basically a kid, an evil kid for that matter, a very poor kid! Where had he gotten all those billions from? Without him, Libya would have been one of the richest nations on Earth, but again, it’s not only his mistake, the silence of the sheep allows the dictator to go on and on, till he believes his lies, and approves of his brutality against his own people. The history of mankind is full of such examples.

      And he’s not alone….

      Early Eagle

      • EarlyEagle1 says:

        That’s why a trial for such a criminal is not enough. The Libyan people must hold him accountable for all the crimes he had commited, and must apply the right punishment.

  3. Salma says:

    You capture Gaddafi’s state of my mind quite accurately, its my favorite section of the poem, the one in Gaddafi’s tongue.
    I think you spelled diapers wrong??
    As well as Nobel which is really Noble.
    Don’t bother about the wrinkles, its only cocaine, quite a striking line, shows an insight on the contradiction in his personality.
    When the history was taking a long nap,
    My favorite line, very nicely worded, I love it.
    A unique idea, placing two sides to the poem, one in voice, the second in another, I have yet to see that from someone else…
    Though in the second part of the poem I think you need more flow, the words don’t seem to fit together like chain-links, can you see what I mean?

    • EarlyEagle1 says:

      Spelling corrected. Thanks

      The reason being: I did not pay attention to flow and rhyme. My focus was on the tragedy being unfolding in Libya. You may look at it as a poetic story that does not follow the norms of poetry particularly

      Thanks Salma…

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