Snow in Richmond

Snow in Richmond


Let it snow! Let it snow

Flakes are pouring down

From a sky that has turned brown

Every inch, every roof, every corner

Have been covered with a white blanket

Of fluffy, mushy, layers of snow

Yet, the white blanket is so tidy, smooth like a swan

How does that miracle happen?

For hundreds and thousands of miles: one, even, white cover

Who could do that perfect show?

Who could turn everything into White in a few hours?

Who could organize such a big party of unity?

No Red, no Blue, no Brown

Only White


Beautiful white

Yet, you look at the faces

All they care about

Is to escape the majestic white

To find a warm place and stay tight

They even call it: “bad weather”!

They have lost their true sight

Bad weather!

That’s how man turns a bounty into a plight

Peace into war

Love into hatred and fight

Snow is a bounty that should be welcomed with delight

Children know that

For they are smart

For they have pure hearts

Children are the soul of this life

Without them, life would be boring and drought

Without them, in us, we would become

Empty, rough, hard and always ready to fight

Inside out…



About The Soaring Eagle

Entrepreneur, Investor, Solution Architect, Award-winning poet, Published author
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14 Responses to Snow in Richmond

  1. Good post, animals are awesome.

  2. Awesome post, animals are the best.

  3. Epic post, animals are the best.

    • Which animals did you like the most? The horses or the tigers?

      Could you please tell me more about yourself, and how did you come across this blog?

      Thanks for commenting and participating. Appreciate your describing this post as an Epic!

      The Soaring Eagle

  4. Reem says:

    التعبير باللغة الإنجليزية سلس و جميل و لكن لم لا نعبر باستخدام لغتنا الأم :اللغة العربية
    However, your poem is sweet and meaningful. I like it. Mashaallah.

    • EarlyEagle1 says:

      You’re right. There are some Arabic poems in the blog. I invite you to read and comment on them.

      The computer I have here in Vancouver does not support Arabic. I tried soft keyboards, but it takes much longer to write using them.

      Thanks for your participation.

      I look forward to seeing more comments from you.

      Early Eagle

  5. Salma says:

    Brings back memories…mashallah you write faster than I keep up! Flakes are pouring down from a sky that has turned brown, clever use of rhyme here,
    “life would be boring and drought” you may want to reconsider this one as dry instead of drought because drought is a noun while boring is adjective so drought is معطوف على boring and they need to be the same in style, forgive me I am taking arabic grammer classes these days, he he he…
    That’s how man turns a bounty into a plight

    Peace into war

    Love into hatred and fight

    Usage of rhyme again here is very fitting, gives flow and force to your words, I like this line its sounds like a quote don’t you think?

  6. فاطمة says:

    الصور جميلة جدا..أما العاديات على الثلج.. فمشهد ساحر يكاد ينطق.
    سبحان الله

    • EarlyEagle1 says:

      Yes, I like them too. It’s a matter of choosing something that reflects the poem’s theme; sometimes indirectly, which gives the reader a chance to deduct and connect the dots.


      Early Eagle

  7. فاطمة says:

    من يستطيع تحويل كل شيء إلى بياض في ساعات
    الناس فقدوا الرؤية، إذ اعتبروا الجو رديئا،
    إنه ديدن البشر أن يحولوا النعمة إلى نقمة، والسلام إلى حرب..
    إنه تسبيح مؤثر، وامتنان عميق لنعم الله لا يتقنه أولئك الذين عتبت عليه وانتقدتهم
    أما تلك النقلة إلى الأطفال فلعلها هي التي أضفت على التسبيحات الأولى عمقها وتعليلها: إنهم أذكياء بقلوب نقية..إنهم روح هذه الحياة، ولولاهم لكانت الحياة مملة مضجرة.. لكن ليس هذا كل شيء…
    نحن بحاجة للاحتفاظ بالطفل في داخلنا.. وإلا كان نصيبنا الخواء والقسوة..والرغبة في القتال..
    لا يلحظ القارئ أبدا كيف تحول الحديث من وصف الثلج إلى الحديث عن الأطفال ، إنه الارتباط العضوي بين البياض
    والنقاء والطفولة والذكاء..
    ولا أنكر أني تأخرت كثيرا حتى فهمت لم الاطفال أذكى منا:
    إن خبراتنا تعوقنا وتخيفنا، في حين نظن أنها تنير لنا السبيل وتجعلنا أكثر حكمة..
    تحرص ربما بعفوية على هذا التمازج بين الطبيعة والحياة.. أليست هبة الله لنا، فكيف لا نكون معها كياناً واحدا.. سبحان من أحسن كل شيء خلقه..
    والله يعطيك العافية
    بانتظار مشهد طبيعي جديد

    • EarlyEagle1 says:

      Great translation! Thanks…

      You may want to consider translation as a side work from home. There are few out there who can maintain the spirit of the original script, while translating it to a diffefrent language. You’ve demonstrated that talent here.

      If you’d like to see another duality, have a look at “The Winter Sun”.

      Early Eagle

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