Walking on Water





 Walking on Water

 Once upon a time, there was a child; a dreamer

He wanted to change the world, to walk on water

He wanted to fly, so high; to reach the stars, and farther

The child wasn’t insane, for his dreams were bigger

Than life itself, and that what a dream must be

If a dream abides to the limits of time and space, or smaller

Then it’s not a dream, it’s a joke, a flash of hope, no better

The child had kept dreamin’, day and night, as he’s growing older

People around him found it hard, to understand, or lend a helping hand

For their dictionaries had only two words: No and Impossible!

But the child had known better

Those two words weren’t in his dictionary

Instead, he replaced them with: Yes and Higher

Higher hopes, higher dreams, and higher expectations

From himself, but above all, from the Creator

For Him, everything, and anything is possible: All the same; the smaller and the bigger

The days, the years passed by, the kid is now a man, yet still, a dreamer

Can a grown-up be a dreamer?

People wonder

Dreaming is only for children, the insane, and the losers

Wake up to the reality, the rigid facts, this stuff takes no brainer

No dreamin’, get your head lower

Stop looking up, there isn’t anything up there

Except a sky and some clouds

The man listens, smiles, but knows better

For the child is still alive within him, the dreamer

Can a man fly? Can a man satisfy?

His dreams, without worrying about

The how and why?

Can a man walk on water?

Can a man be a true father?

And here, the man suddenly realized: This is harder

Than all the other dreams I’ve had

To be a True Father!!

He also realized: No one is waiting

No one is watching

How far he could go

And then he said:

I don’t want to change the world

I don’t want to walk on water

I just want to be: My children’s Father

My Children’s Father…

Other dreams will come true

No doubt, no wonder

But in time…

Set only by the Creator…

Right now…

All he wants…

Is to be: His Children’s Father…



About The Soaring Eagle

Entrepreneur, Investor, Solution Architect, Award-winning poet, Published author
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7 Responses to Walking on Water

  1. Lubaba says:

    It made me really happy to know that your dream was to be a true father, and I proudly say that you are a great father that can never be replaced…
    All great dreams begin with small steps however these small steps must be within the limits of space and time don’t you think, the dream itself is beyond the limits but the how is within
    About time you published a book of poems, I’d be more than happy to illustrate it for you 🙂

    • EarlyEagle1 says:

      Even bad fathers can’t be replaced 😉 yeh? Just kidding. I’m proud of you too tim bit!

      Now the hard one:

      Yes, the dream has to be out of the limits of the past, the present, time, and space. Otherwise it’s a recycled memory or someone else’s boring idea.

      The how’s can take care of themselves, but you need to “know” how!

      This is not an invitation to dream and then sit on our buttoms (..) all day long. No, it’s a process that takes faith, clarity, and some work, intelligent work if you will.

      This is not enough to cover the topic. Remind me to talk about it in details when we meet.

      • earlyeagle1 says:

        One more thing. In any case, the how must always come after the why and the what. No work without a clear dream. the sequence of events is essential.

        We’ll talk more about dealing with the how’s. You’ll discover, strangely enough, that this is the easiest part of the process!

        Early Eagle

      • Lubaba says:

        Thanks for explaining, I’m looking forward to discussng this with you as it is a very important topic to me…

      • EarlyEagle1 says:

        Sure Insha’Allah. For now, keep this somewhere in your back-mind. It’s meant to make life easier. But it takes a calm conversation, over a cup of warm tea 🙂

  2. Sumayya says:

    Beautiful 🙂 If one is successful at being a good parent, then I imagine that they’ve overcome one of the biggest challenges in life. You certainly did an excellent job in that regard, and your children are lucky to have you as a father. Mashallah, the efforts that you have exerted in raising your children are truly evident; they are wonderful fruits of your labor and I am proud to call them my cousins.

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