Where is Home?

Where your folks are

Where your kids are. Where your sweetheart is

Where you grew up, played ball, scored your first goal!

Home! It’s an illusion, a notion of the past; does not exist anymore

Home has become a suitcase, a plane seat, a hotel room, or at best

A house, which you know you’re leaving; sooner or later

Why do people long for a home? Why do people dream of coming back home?

Is it the sense of peace? Is it a worrier rest place, or is it just a dream?

Birds have homes, they migrate, and when they feel home-sick, they fly back home

And where is home? Do you really need a home? Is that the norm?

Life, as we know it, is too short to be wasted looking for; anything!

The act, the feeling of looking, in itself, is tiring, let alone

The struggle, the wanting, the disappointment, and the despair

Being stretched, torn apart, disoriented, knowing none

Of where you’re, or where you’re headed, nothing is solid like a stone

Nothing is clear, nothing is worthy of looking, even home

Before looking for a home, find who you really are, what you stand for

If the meaning behind finding a home is peace, then you won’t find it at all

If you’re lost on the inside, even if you go back to your folks, your kids, your sweetheart

None will give you peace

For home is peace

So instead of looking for a home, look for peace

And that, my friend, has been inside you all along

Yet, you’ve been busy looking outside, everywhere, but inside

Home is where you are free; at the core

Home is pride, strength. Home is where you can shout: Here I Am!

Where you stand firm and tall. Where you say it all

No fear, no prejudgments, no fall

Home is not a place, but a feeling, a sweat, lovely feeling

It ignites your soul with confidence, makes it fly high

It gives you self-assurance

It makes you dream, and fulfill your dream

With power, love and passion

No matter where you go, you take it with you, even when you die

But if you couldn’t find it here, during this short passage called “life”

You wouldn’t find it on the other side. You’ve lost it forever

You got your chance, there isn’t another!


About The Soaring Eagle

Entrepreneur, Investor, Solution Architect, Award-winning poet, Published author
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5 Responses to Home

  1. أحمد جبري says:

    سبحان الله..
    يعني أعطيت خالو صورة ضافية للوجود الذاتي للإنسان للكينونته و لحقيقته.. جميل هذا البُعد..
    و لكن كيف نفسر قول رسول الله أكملِ الخلق ومعلمِ البشر صلى الله عليه وسلم، حينما غادر أرضه، ذاكراً أنها أحب البقاع إليه، ولولا أن أهلها أخرجوه ما خرج..
    فإذا أمِن الواحد على عبوديته لربه و التي فيها تحقيق وجوده و كينونته، يأتي حب الأرض و الارتباط بمدارج الصبا وأرض الأب والجد، ليحتل مكانة عالية من قلب الإنسان..
    و أرى أن اعتبار الوطن أمراً معنوياً، اختزالاً..
    ثم أليست سنة جارية في البشر يراها قارئ التاريخ والاجتماع: أن الناس في الأرض يعيشون على شكل تجمعات ضمن إطار جغرافي ولهم نقيب أو ممثل… إلخ؟
    و عندما يمكّن الله المؤمن في الأرض.. يكون دوره أن يقيم الصلاة والزكاة… ويحيي الشعائر على الأرض،

    أَعلمُ أن حب هذه الأرض مشتق من أمر معنوي هو تمكنّه من إقامة شعائر الله عليها، التي هي علة وجوده، فأصبح وجود الأرض لازم من لوازم تحقيق عبادة الله سبحانه..

    • EarlyEagle1 says:

      Home! Yes. It is a value, a concept, not a physical land. The only physical manifestation of Home that I can think of is Planet Earth. That could serve as a home while we’re still in this short physical passage called “life”.

      After that, on the other side, Home takes a whole different meaning and manifestation. The meaning is eternity. The manifestation is something which can’t be expressed in human words. Only Allah can describe that ‘Home’ to the extent our minds can grasp. But in reality, that home is beyond our human imagination.

      Do you need a specific land, to which you are strongly attached, in order to worship Allah? No! You are supposed, if you’re a believer, to worship Allah anywhere and all the time. If one day you took a spaceship to Mars, would you stop worshiping Allah? Of course not!

      This whole Universe has been created so that man can worship the Creator (SWT). Restricting ourselves to a slice of land by calling it home does not serve that purpose fully. We would miss out on big opportunities to please Allah and receive his mercy and bounties!

      Early Eagle

    • EarlyEagle1 says:

      ( إن الذين توافهم الملائكة ظالمي أنفسهم, قالوا فيم كنتم? قالوا كنا مستضعفين في الأرض, قالوا ألم تكن أرض الله وا سعةً فتهاجروا فيها? . . .)

  2. EarlyEagle1 says:

    Thanks for your feedback.

    With all due respect to the scientist you referred to, no one knows for sure, from which part of the Earth’s soil, she or he had been created. Our Father, Adam (PBUH), was created from soil that had been extracted from spots all around the Earth.

    I find it safe to say, that our physical beings (we’re much more than that) belong to one home: Earth, regardless of the man-made, artificial boundaries. Earth is home for our bodies; our souls have no limitations of that kind. They only occupy our bodies to complete our journey from cradle to grave.

    Early Eagle

  3. فاطمة says:

    السلام عليكم يا أخي

    سبحان الله يأتي توقيت قصيدتك هذه وملايين المصريين يشعرون أنهم استعادوا وطنهم
    هي معضلة حقا..ويبدو أنها تتدرج في الحس بمقدار الوعي أوالغوص في الأعماق الذي قد لا يتاح للغالبية، كما تختلف باختلاف الابتلاءات والغرُبات
    ما الوطن
    قال عالم جيولوجيا إسلامي إن الحنين إلى الوطن مرده الأصلي إلى أنك مصنوع من تربته، فأنت تحن إلى هذه التربة التي تشبهك بل تماثلك..
    وقد ينجلي الوطن عن بضعة شوارع وأماكن ومزايا طبيعية تحبها فيه، وعدد من الأهل والصحب
    وقد ينجلي عن مجرد الشعور بأنه لك..فهما ضربت في الأرض ليس ثمة مكان تزعم أنه أرضك إلا .. ما يسمى الوطن..هذا ما أراه،
    السلام النفسي هو الوطن؟
    أعتقد أنه بديل جيد للوطن..مع أنك في الوطن قد لا تكون في حالة سلام ..
    الوطن وحده لا يكفي حين يكون عاقاً ..لكن لا يغني عنه شيء ولا مكان ولا فكرة..
    وجهة نظر

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