It’s sunset in Cairo. The marble, Ice-laminated floor shines like a mirror

Footsteps can be heard from afar, no one is allowed even to whisper

The Pharaoh is angry, spreading a sense of horror

The Palace knows when the Pharaoh is angry; everything has to be in order

“What the hell do they want, those savages?” The Pharaoh shouts in anger

“What else do they want?” He added. Haven’t I let them prosper?

They can steal, they can rob, and they can even eat at the garbage counter!

What is the “garbage counter” my Lord? A faint voice dared to whisper

It’s my latest initiative, you idiot, passed by the parliament last October

We built counters, over which people can order free meals, made out of garbage

Isn’t that a smart idea? Answer! The Pharaoh’s face turned red and redder

Yes my Lord, it’s so clever, better than dying from hunger

There you go, now you’re starting to think better, and brighter

Outside, in the streets of Cairo, people are gathering, mounting their anger

Step down, step down, we’ve had enough of you, we want another

Someone we choose, someone we love, someone we can call a leader

You have none of those traits; we don’t know how you’d come to power

To enslave us, to make us weak and needy, all to protect the eastern neighbor

All to accumulate a 30 billion dollar fortune, from our sweat and labor

Go look in the mirror Pharaoh! You’re outdated, expired, and rotten, no wonder

After all you’ve done to your own people: Imprisonment, poverty, and slaughter

Of course you’re rotten, it’s written on your face: The lies, the injustice, and the terror

Step down, your time is up, your hands are dirty, and you’re getting older

Even to be a Pharaoh, you don’t deserve that title any longer

No matter how bad that title is, even that you cannot hold any more

Step down, you are the idiot here! You don’t get it: IT IS OVER!

Over, over, over

Set us free, or we’ll show you the way to the grave yard

A rope around your neck, your legs in the air, IT IS OVER

Egypt deserves better, Egypt deserves honor, and Egypt is the Power!







About The Soaring Eagle

Entrepreneur, Investor, Solution Architect, Award-winning poet, Published author
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21 Responses to Egypt

  1. فاطمة says:

    ع الماشي: حين اعتذرت بعامل اللغة عن قلة التعليق على قصائدك، قصدت شيئاً واحدا: أن الإنجليزية ليس لغتي الأولى بحيث أستطيع التعمق فيما تقول والإحساس بكل إيحاءاته ودلالاته ..حتى إني أفتقد أحياناً معاني بعض المفردات..فأتكاسل- بحكم الوزن والأخبار- عن استخراجها ..عدا ذلك أنا أتفق معك..عموما..
    وبالعودة إلى الطفولة: لقد كنت مجنونة، حرفياً، بتعلم لغة أجنبية، وحرصت على نقل ما أتعلم لإخوتي.. وما زلت أجد تعلم اللغات تجددا وسياحة ومتعة..
    لا أشك في فخرك بالعربية وحبك لها..هذا خارج كل تساؤل تجاه الجميع إن شاء الله، لكن أرجو من الجيل الجديد بلورة هذا بمزيد من الجهود والاقتراب والاستعمال..الله يرضى عليكم

  2. Salma says:

    I suppose the metaphor of the Pharoah and the palace is the winning card of this poem, as I said before; your ability with imagery…

  3. Abdullah says:

    “Food made out of garbage.” Splendid metaphor. This has been the sad reality of our brothers and sisters in Egypt. But like you said: “IT’S OVER!!!”

    • EarlyEagle1 says:

      Not only in Egypt! Some people do eat from garbage containers. They have no other choice, except slow, painful death.

      So, what is it that we should do? Give me some ideas, regardless of Egypt or any specific place. Peacefully, but consistently.

      Early Eagle

      • Abdullah says:

        1. Dua
        2. Spread awareness within the family
        3. Spread awareness outside the family
        4. Volunteer

      • EarlyEagle1 says:

        Are those your objectives? The process goes like this (to define who you are):

        After a trip of soul searching, alone, in nature, ask yourself the following:

        1- What are my top 5 values
        2- What are my top 5 roles
        3- What is the legacy I’d like to leave behind. What do I want my loved ones to say about me at my 80th birthday?
        4- Based on the above answers, draft your own mission statement (not necessarily in the same sitting)
        5- Derive your long-term objectives from your mission
        6- Plan Monthly, taking all the above in account
        7- Plan weekly
        8- Prioritize your action steps
        9- Work on the highest priorities till you finish them, and then move to the next, and so on
        10- To make it easier, and more organized, go to and order their planner.


        Early Eagle

  4. فاطمة says:

    السطر الأخير ملفت..ونسأل الله لهم الثبات والنصر.. أعتقد أن جواب سمية يشبهني كثيرا
    فالله يرضى عليها

    • EarlyEagle1 says:

      Again, I don’t fully understand your first sentence: لسطر الأخير ملفت

      Honestly, since you’ve been following this very closely, I expected a more elaborate response from you sister. Is it the language?

      Early Eagle

      • فاطمة says:

        ملفت بمعانيه.. هزني اهتمامك وثقتك بمصر ومنزلتها
        أما عن اختصار التعليق ف:
        2- اللغة
        1- مصر

        لست أول من يقول إنه حدث تاريخي.. منعطف في تاريخنا.. جميعا

      • EarlyEagle1 says:

        Dear Fatima,

        You were the first to bring English to my attention, I was only six! I started learning English when I was 13, but I was eager and interested.

        So why are you taking this stand? Why can’t we be open a little more? Arabic has its own place, up high, no other language can even come close. As Al-Tentawi had put it (may Allah bless his soul): The 1st place is for Arabic. The 2nd and 3rd are empty, then comes French in the fourth, and maybe, English in the fifth. Arabic aside, languages are only tools, vehicles for communication. Not perfect though. Sometimes silence is the best way to express your thoughts and feelings.

        The 2nd point: Yes, that’s what news reporters say. Poets and writers have to voice their opinions differently; that’s what I’m waiting to hear from you. Not necessarily about my poem. This is an open medium to share and debate ideas, thoughts, and sometimes, feelings as well.

        Having said all of that: I love You Sister, and I’m proud of you! I feel I need to tell you that before it’s too late!

        Early Eagle…

      • EarlyEagle1 says:

        The reasons I write in English are:

        1- I’m using an old laptop that can hardly type English, let alone Arabic (Sometimes I type here, for example, only to find the characters somewhere else on the screen!)
        2- There are several people on this blog, who do not speak Arabic. The blog is friendly to everyone

        Finally, Arabic is going to be a universal language as it once had been. Till then.. You tell me what…

        Early Eagle

  5. Lubaba says:

    Mashallah, the poem portrays the harsh reality all the arab countries are suffering from, its like the turning point from now, tunis, egypt, yemen, jordan, what next!!!
    However a call for freedom turned into a battle ground and chaous!!! People are fighting, throwing stones at each other, they must be united, this must not turn into a civil war.
    may allah unite the muslims under the banner of La Illah Ila Allah
    a great poem dad, love the way how your poems portray reality in a very emotive and descriptive manner…

  6. Abo Omar says:

    This is one of the best days of my life. This is a proof of God’s laws on Earth, and it will happen no mater how long it takes.

    May Allah end it in peace and with the best to Eygept and other Arab countries.
    Alahu Akbar

  7. qadimoon says:

    صح صح صح لسانش خالي
    وتعيش وتكتب

  8. Sumayya says:

    Wow 3ammo, you’re on a roll today 🙂
    I like the sarcasm you use here…the reality of the Egyptian people (as well as the people of other nations) is sometimes too painful to speak about with all seriousness. Sarcasm helps alleviate some of the suffering and agony and keeps the mood lighter. I just pray that it really is over, and that the Egyptians prevail.

    • EarlyEagle1 says:

      Have you read the other two? Any comments? They reflect current reality by the way!

      Yes, Egypt shall Prevail InshaAllah.

      It’s a matter of time, not so long though, all they need is a strong, honest leader.

      Early Eagle

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