The Barn

The Barn

Why are you so worried? Come on in

You may graze day and night, all we want is milkin’

The wooden, yellow door will remain closed, therein

But you can still walk around, jump up and down, as long as you’re milkin’

You will be fed, washed, groomed, and even smiled at, but keep growin’

Putting more fat, having bigger (..), and staying away from the yellow door, listen in

Life outside is horrible. Don’t even think about leavin’

Let go of those troubling dreams, keep your head in the green

Think simple: you graze and we milk. No hard feelin’

And if you milk real good, we might consider moving you deeper

Inside, where leaving becomes almost impossible, you will become used to this kind of  livin’

If a thought crossed your mind about coming closer to the yellow door

You must freak out, and you continue grazin’, and we continue milkin’

To be outside, you must be a hunter, the longer you stay inside, the less of a hunter you become

Being outside the barn is a dream, which only few could have seen

No grass, no washing, no grooming, you’re on your own; huntin’

You will undergo a serious transformation: from a milking cow to a hunting tiger!

You need to get rid of your (…). You must master the hunting skill, you must know how to kill

That’s the price of freedom, if you know what freedom really means

The barn could be safe for now, but someday it will become a slaughter house!

Why? The cows can no longer milk! the grass has turned dry and yellow, the only choice is slayin’

But you have another choice! You can leave the barn with dignity

You can avoid the slayin’

If only you become a tiger

Not any tiger, one who has mastered the art of huntin’


About The Soaring Eagle

Entrepreneur, Investor, Solution Architect, Award-winning poet, Published author
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16 Responses to The Barn

  1. سيرين says:

    تشبيه مظبوط بتفاصيله
    الاستعباد يأخذ أشكالاً تختلف على مر العصور
    وهذا استعباد زماننا
    يعطيك العافية خالو
    رغم أنه قد يبدو قاسياً على من وقع في هذه المصيدة/ الدوامة
    لكنه يدفع لإعادة النظر
    وترتيب الأولويات و توقيت القرارات
    هل وصلك هذا الموقع
    أظنه ذا صلة بالموضوع

    • EarlyEagle1 says:

      Life is too short darling. Allah (SWT) Has given us the Freedom of Choice. He brought us into this life alone, and we shall meet Him alone, empty-handed! The only thing He (SWT) asks of us, for our own good, is to be slaves, real slaves, to Him ALONE. Any other sort of enslavement, to anyone or anything, even to our own selves, makes life shorter, harder, and uglier. And withdraws heavily from the account we have with Him. Sometimes it closes the whole account, and moves us to an entirely different category, the failing category. Not good, not good at all. A complete loss of Dunia and A’akhira.

      When the day comes to meet Him, all one needs is a pure heart, which had been free and full of love and devotion to Allah alone.

      The concept of Tawheed is largely misunderstood. It’s not only the absence of Shirk, by not offering worship to a statue, a grave, or something similar. It’s much broader and deeper. It’s an invitation to the ultimate freedom from all idols and gods. All includes everything, literary. Then the love, devotion and enslavement are directed to Allah only. The reward is a pure heart that enjoys ultimate happiness and freedom here, and Paradise in the day after, Insha’Allah.

      Early Eagle

  2. Abdullah says:

    You’re either a cow or tiger? That’s a bit of stretch, don’t you think?

    • EarlyEagle1 says:

      What do you want 7abibi? A horse? Ok, let’s think about that.

      A horse could be tamed or untamed. Untamed horses can’t live in barns. They die after few days because they are used to the freedom of the wilderness.

      So, A tamed horse, yah? What does a tamed horse do in a barn? You tell me..

      The notion of corporations is new to our world. Up until the turn of the 20th century, the Muslim economy had depended on small business with sole owners. Then the wind of the industrial revolution hit our land, and companies started popping up. The idea of gathering tens, hundreds, or even thousands of people under one flagship, one name, is very questionable, and very similar to socialism.

      Corporate Citizenship, shared vision and mission, team goals; all BS. Not because they are wrong as concepts, but because they are misused intentionally, to give you a false sense of identity and a pale feeling of pride and dignity. So what does happen if and when you leave the barn? You lose a good deal of your self esteem!

      You become so attached to that corporate citizenship to the extent you identify with it: I am an engineer at ABC, I am an architect at XYZ. Is that who YOU are?
      What if you lose it? For any reason, you become nothing?

      You are much more than any of the following, actually you are NOT any of the following:

      your name
      your family
      your gender
      your looks
      your job
      your company
      your title
      your country
      your brain
      Your body
      your earthly possessions

      Then tell me: Who are you, really? I’m expecting an answer..This is very important, don’t take it lightly. Refuse to be labeled…

      Early Eagle

      • Abdullah says:

        I do see your point, but every corporate started as a small business. The industrial revolution was an inevitable consequence of growth in population and hence demand. The method in which it grew and globalized remains inhuman. But if it wasn’t for the cow, there would be no milk. An essential source of nutrition. I like both, the cow and the tiger. Each serves a purpose in our Eco system. Too many tigers will create an imbalance. So there should be more cows than tigers.

        Not to defend corporate, to the contrary! Every fiber in my body dislikes it. But again, I can’t function without its fruits. So I won’t completely dismiss it. Energy, communication, aviation, to mention a few.

        I hope my point is clearer now.

      • EarlyEagle1 says:

        I’m not inviting anyone to leave their barn. Even if you decide to leave, it has to be planned properly. The fact that “Every fiber in -your-body dislikes it” tells me that you’re not happy. Life is too short my friend to waste on a job you dislike! That’s what I’m talking about. Find what you love, even in a barn. But do not wake up every morning dreading your job, and wishing you’re somewhere else.

        Change takes time (unless you’re the like of the Stranger:-). So plan it. It could be five years from now, but start planning today! See the end you want to be in very vividly! And then move gracefully in that general direction. Do not worry so much about the how’s. They will take care of themselves, or even better, Allah will watch over your how’s and put you at the right place in the right time, provided you know what you want, and you’re moving towards it, without burning yourself. You are brought here to be free and happy. Anyone tells different is either a liar or an ignorant.

        Early Eagle

      • Abdullah says:

        I dislike the cooperate aspect of my job, not my job itself: quarterly estimates and earnings, balance sheets, hallow objectives, empty promises, etc. I actually enjoy what I do.

        I have to find my niche before I can think about transition. 🙂

        Insha’allah soon.

      • EarlyEagle1 says:

        What do you mean by “the corporate aspect”? Using the process I outlined above, clarify your long-term career objective. Make it a SMART goal

        S: Specific
        M: Measurable (not miserable:-)
        A: Attainable
        R: Realistic (You choose your own reality, read the Short Beds poem I sent yesterday, it’ll give some insights)
        T: Time-bound (if you believe in time:-)

        Let me know if you’d like to discuss this further

        Early Eagle

    • Adeeb says:

      I prefer polar bears and turtles

  3. Adeeb says:

    I rather enjoyed this poem…nice metaphors…you should be a rapper…I have a spot on my next album haha. I hope all is well with you IA, and hope to see you soon. Search a song me and a friend made called “me vs the devil” by 3ilm on YouTube.

  4. Salma says:

    I second Lubaba; this is about corporate life, very powerful and ‘amusing’ metaphor, certainly sarcastic, even if perhaps not all the readers would agree with you, they would be subject to the imagery you are portraying and they would be drawn into the experience despite themselves, that is one distinct aspect to your poems, the ability to enable the reader to share the experience through imagery and the usage of words that provoke the five senses.

  5. Lubaba Saleh says:

    LOL, You are referring to corporate life eh? I could tell by the picture and also by what you mentioned in the poem, hmmm thats an interesting way to put it however may be insulting to those who do work in companies…
    I agree to an extent however I beleive that if you must you can lead a corporate life and still maintain your dignity, be a tiger in your own way, othe than that I love the way you pictured it, mashallah I never you knew you were this good at picturing reality in a metaphoric way, helps the reader clearly understand the msg, again one of the best…

    • EarlyEagle1 says:

      No, It’s not insulting to anyone. Corporates are barns; nice and clean, sometimes, but still, they are barns. You follow the rules, you deliver, you get benefits. You drift, you break the rules, they show you the door. There are millions of cows and barns, and maybe hundreds of tigers. It’s a matter of choice. The cows chose to be in the barn and to be milked. The tigers chose something else.

      At the end, whatever choice you make, give it your whole heart, especially if you choose to be a tiger!

      Early Eagle

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