The sun is shy behind thin clouds, yet it beams soft light through

The surf is gentle, touching the shore line, from time to time

A little island stands alone in the ocean, inhabited by trees and a small hill

A ferry is approaching, very slowly, exciting the surf to be a bit more active still

The space, the time, the surf, the shore the trees, everything seem ill

Even the magnificent mountains overlooking the whole place keep silent, say nill

Why are they ill? Why don’t they tell? What are they hiding?

The seen is a reflection of the one who sees, the world is always abiding

To what you make  of it, to the picture your mind is making

Sitting on a rock, watching, recollecting, remembering

Trying to hold the tears back, no use, especially when I heard few kids playing

My kids had played here, my kids had had fun here, my kids are now not here

Whytecliff is a little heaven on earth, one of Vancouver’s heavens

But heavens without kids are so plane; just like salty water, doesn’t break a thirst

Just like flowers without a smell, only interest the eye, but the heart should always come first

The Heart Must Always Come First

After all, the trip to Whytecliff turned out to be great!


About The Soaring Eagle

Entrepreneur, Investor, Solution Architect, Award-winning poet, Published author
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17 Responses to Whytecliff

  1. EarlyEagle1 says:


    The translation is not accurate. The difference between Freedom and Liberty is much more distinct than the difference between the two terms you mentioned at the end of your reply sister.

    Love you..

  2. Lubaba Saleh says:

    Wow, Icould almost feel the breeze on my face and the cold water in my hands…
    I remeber the days when we uesd to beg you to go to the small island and once we found something like a key there, you said that this key belongs to an old giant that lived on this island, I beleived you then!!!
    Is it still there, can you still reach it or did the rocks that lead to it get buried under the sand and water…
    I miss you too dad, and I can’t wait to relive those memories with you and all the family 🙂

    • EarlyEagle1 says:

      Oh Lubaba, did I really say that?

      Yes, the little island is still there. Now there is a rocky, high path to it. So you can go up there, even if the tide is high!

      Love you and miss you. Always

  3. Salma says:

    It brings back memories indeed, and you know its strange, one thinks that these memories are long-forgotten, blurry, or just dead…but come to think of it, now that I read the poem I can recall such vivid detail of the place you described, detail that I don’t even remember registering…
    I think it would be a bewildering experience if I were to visit the place again…it would seem as if no time at all had passed…

    • EarlyEagle1 says:

      Yes, just like ” No time at all has passed” Didn’t I tell you before that time is an illusion?

      You’ll see it and relive those nice memories again InshaAllah.

      Love you and miss you!

  4. Abida says:

    Having moved around quite a bit, and being someone who gets attached to places, people, events, etc., I came to realize that carrying memories around gives a person the better chance of recreating those memories, than trying to recreate experiences and scenes. One can relive moments, but cannot recreate events.. Memories tend to be centered around interactions with others, and thus the “happiness” experienced in one of Allah’s great creations has probably more to do with those human interactions than with the beauty of the creation itself. I guess what nature does is allowing one to get in touch with one’s emotions and feelings, thus we tend to experience joy, sorrow, longing, and happiness when surrounded by majestic nature-like that of Whiteciff more profoundly. Feelings that surface when surrounded by nature are the genuine ones, and they warrant acknowledgement and action…..
    For Whitecliff to feel like a waste of time, it reinforces the notion that the perceived joy, beauty, and magic of Whitecliff had to do with being with the family, and with experiencing kids laughter, innocence, and love. The real “joy” is with the kids, and Whitecliff was solely the setting where those joyous experiences took place.

    • EarlyEagle1 says:

      Thanks for taking the time to write such a thoughtful feedback.

      I believe nature, or the universe, are not just settings for “joyous experiences to take place”. They are much more than that. The Universe is an open book that shows Allah’s greatness, exactly like the Quran.

      On the other hand, Nature has it’s own language to communicate with us. All we have to do is quiet the mind and listen, not only hear. Once we listen, we start opening up on the inside, and feel the oneness with Allah’s creation. That’s called Happiness..

      So, after all, the trip to Whytcliff was not a waste!

      Early Eagle

  5. Sumayya says:

    The heart must always come first…
    Those are some very powerful and moving words. How easy is it, though, for us to place our emotions and desires before the harsh reality of this world?

    • EarlyEagle1 says:

      It’s not like that Sumayya Habibti!

      When you put your heart first you don’t allow emotions and desires to rule your life. You become more sensitive to the actual reality of your existence.

      Let’s talk more about that off-line (if you want).

      Love you Sumayya and miss you!

      Early Eagle

  6. Asmaa al-saleh says:

    هل نستطيع ان نقول ان الجمال في الطبيعة هو الوهم الساحر الذي يوصلنا الى الحقيقة ان هذا المشهد الذي صورته و الذي هو مثلث من الذكرايات القديمة المتمكنة: انت و الطبيعة و اطفالك يوقظ الحزن النائم في النفس فيصحو من جديد
    لابد للوحدة ان تنقطع بلقاء من نحب ان الجنات التي اعدها الله في العالم العلوي تنتظر ساكنيهافما بالنا بجنات الارض
    لو قلنا ان السعادة تتحقق بذلك!اما العزلة فهي التجدد والانعتاف من اسار كثير من المالوفات في هذا الامتحان الذي يعيشه الانسان طويلا و هو الحياة! الصورة الجميلة التي رسمتها بين الارض و بين الافق و بين الشمس التي تهيمن كثيرا على المشهد الدرامي في صفحة السماء الداكنة الملونة بلون الحزن الممتد على طول الافق الذي تراه امامك كان الحياة تدب في المشهد القديم في داخلك ومن حولك فيحيا من جديد! ينكفئ الاناءة فجاة و تنحسر القوة وتشتكي الروح ويتوقف الجد عن المسير! كنت كثيرا اشعر بحطام نفسي يتناثر امامي عندما انساق خلف خطى الالم وكنت اتالم اكثر عندما لا اجد ردا على هذا الاعتقال كنت موقنة ان هناك عقدة محكمة تلتف حول عنقي ولما حاولت الانفلات اكتشفت قدرتي واضمحلت صورةالهزيمة امامي! اراك مثابرا مجدا جعلت تجربتك ثروة وادبا ممتعا مفيدااستطيع القول ان هذه القصيدة صورة عفوية صيغت باسلوب بسيط غني لايمكن للقارى ان يخرج منها الا بزفرة طويلة او باعتبار حقيقي اوباعجاب عميق.. احب ان اقول في بداية كل نهار جديديمنحنا الله قدرا جميلا

  7. Abdullah says:

    Hopefully one day you’ll get to re-witness your children at Whytecliff.

    BTW, I just found out you’re in the western hemisphere! I honestly thought that all your poems were written during the time when you actually lived in Vancouver, and they’re being published now.

    Any plans to stop by the sunshine state? We would love to see you! Terrain is still flat though… 🙂

    • EarlyEagle1 says:

      I always live in Vancouver now and before. I have never left Vancouver!
      Poetry for me is very new. It just came down on me. When I start, I can’t leave the computer till I finish and publish the poem (including choosing the suitable picture).
      I took Iqbal today to Whytecliff. He said it’s majestic.
      You should come visit and see for yourself.

  8. فاطمة says:

    وصفك يحبس الأنفاس..تأملاتك تثير الدمع
    نعم/ عندما خلق الله آدم عليه السلام في أجمل وأنقى بقعة في الكون، لم يتركه وحده سبحانه
    جمعنا الله بك على خير حال فنحن بحاجة إلى أمثالك..ممن يمثلون ضميراً يعبر عن جوع هذه الأمة الطيبة للحق والخير والجمال..إلى الكرامة والعدالة والحرية
    أمثالك يملكون حواس استشرافية تدرك الخطر والقبح والظلم قبل وقوعه بمسافات زمنية..

    حماك الله وحفظك.. وبشر الصابرين

    • EarlyEagle1 says:

      Freedom is a birth, God-given right, not a privilege. It resides deep inside, and no one can take it unless we allow them to. A man or a women could be in a prison, yet he/she could be freer than his/her captors!

      Liberty on the other hand is affected by external factors. To have some liberty, does not necessarily mean you’re free.

      Always nurture your freedom by taking care of your heart, keeping it pure and strong, and only filled with one thing: The Love of Allah. That’s true freedom!

      Early Eagle.

      • فاطمة says:

        كلماتك تذكر ب: متى استعبدتم الناس..وكلام ابن تيمية : ما يفعل أعدائي بي؟ سجني خلوة ونفيي سياحة وقتلي شهادة…
        جميل التفريق بين الحرية والتحرر..

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