What a Man Stands For?

What a Man Stands For?


It’s Nightfall; the sky’s pouring its colorless juice on everything

The trees stand still, for them; it’s another rainy day in Richmond

Have they feelings, are they beings, or anything?

The streets reflect the lights, little seas, with a short life

The sun ends and starts everything, yet she is shy

Hiding behind the thick, gray clouds, allowing them to turn day into night!

How long will the rain continue to fall? How long will other places stay dry?

A man walking down the street, no coat, no umbrella, soaked, but happy

Singing a happy song, enjoying the weather, for his body does not matter anymore

His soul is somewhere else. A soul cannot get wet, it can watch from a distance

The rain, the streets, the stars, the galaxies, no limits, no indulgence

Every man has a body and a soul, some light some heavy, and some enjoy non-existence

The ultimate freedom: To be liberated from the shackles of this fake world

To fly, so high, you no longer care where and how to land, it’s all yours to explore

What makes a man cry? What makes a man die? What makes a man defy

His most cherished values, principles, whatever, for the sake of nothing!

Life is strange, every man sees it from a different vantage point, and as they see, it is

Life is what you want it to be, change the glasses, dim the lights, or put on shades, and here’s another life

Go on, try on, put it on, no limits, no regrets, it’s only another life

Live the moment, or the past or the future, and then discover: they are all the same illusion

There is no time, no space, there is only one reality: And that is God

Believe it or not, escape it, name it, hide from it, eventually you shall face it

God is the truth, and everything else is a pure fake, go on, grab it and live with it

Claim your freedom from the so many fake gods

Relinquish your soul from the idols. Set yourself free

You’re born free, but somewhere down the path you got enslaved

To money, to pleasure, to more and more and more

Yet, there is no more when you reach the reality, that’s it. It’s everything, you don’t need more

You’re satisfied from the core out

You’re joyful like never before, like a little child

You’re home, after a long trip, to discover, that from home you had emerged, and that long trip was in vain


About The Soaring Eagle

Entrepreneur, Investor, Solution Architect, Award-winning poet, Published author
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13 Responses to What a Man Stands For?

  1. Asmaa al-saleh says:

    ثلاث حقائق و ثلاث قصائد و نسر مبكر يحلق بعيدا ثم يعلوا و يعلوا لا يريد أن يكون جريحا بل يريدأن يكون حرا يدأب في اكتشاف الحقيقة و يبحث عنهامن خلال طموحه و تشبثه بها و كأنه جبل راس صلد أبيض اللون يثبت في الأرض فينشر القوة و الأمن و اليقين الأفكار ذات القيم العالية التي ترتدي حللا جميلة مصاغة بتعابير بسيطة و خيالات ساطعة ملفتة
    وجدتها في هذه القصائد التي كتبت بعناية فائقة و خرجت من ذات متألمة صفت و رقت و عتقتها المعاناة الطويلة و ذهبتها بذهب الصبر الخالص
    أخي الحبيب إن الكلمات التي تشكر جهدا ادبيا ناجحا انما هي كقطرة الندى التي تسقط في نهر فرات
    إن التجارب لتعجب من تكهنات الانسان الطافية على سطح الحياة
    و الحقيقة أنني شعرت بالراحة أثناء القراءة أن ما كتبت قد خلا تماما مما لا يسمن و لا يغني من جوع
    أشدعلى كفيك المتعبتين الباردتين الماهرتين و أنت تكتب و ترسل لنا خلاصة رائقة من تجربة ليست بسيطة لم تدخل بذاكرتك فقط بل دخلت ذاكرة أفراد العائلة و استقرت في الجوانح إن التجارب التي تتمكن في ذات النفس اراها كالدرر التي تنبت في اعماق البحار فتنجب أعمالا قوية متألقة!
    لاجل اي شيء يقف ذلك الرجل -الغريب-الطريق السريع:
    ستظل في الذاكرة الخاصة و ذاكرة الادب و ستكون ان شاء الله نواة لادب غني من النسر الحبيب
    ما اريد قوله انني استمتعت بادبك ومافتئت امسح دمعتي خلال الطريق المؤدي الى تلك السطور ..اننا لابد ان نكون ممتنين من التجارب التي تثبتنا على صخرة الحقائق و تفتح لنا بابا واسعا من المحبة للخالق العظيم و الثقة به و تمنحنا القوة و النور و الحكمة
    اقدم لك شكري الخالص و تقديري ان اتحت لي فرصة التعليق
    احبك يا اخي و افخر بك على المدى(يمان محمد اديب الصالح) اختك عصماء
    خاطرة:(عندما اقرا عملا ادبيا و اتفاعل معه اتمنى ان ارى حال الكاتب اثناء الكتابة و تثبت في نفسي حقيقة الالهام التي هي شمس ساطعة من قدرة الخالق العظيم

    • earlyeagle1 says:

      Oh Aasma! I don’t know how to reply! What you wrote is fine literature. Honestly, I didn’t know you have such a great talent in weaving the words to express honest feelings and thoughts.

      I strongly suggest that you consider starting a blog, or even better, writing a book. You have all it takes to do either. I know your plate is full, but this is something else. This is passion, a pure soul communicating with other souls.

      Very delicate, yet very strong. A rare balance. Congratulations!!

      I love you sister! you have been on my side since I opened my eyes to this world, what a ride, eah…

      Early Eagle

  2. Abdullah says:

    Wow! The seeds of poetry are flowering. Is there a poet in every Saleh? Masha’allah. When was this written? Can you share with us the environment in which it was written?

    It takes a genuine human being to practice less is more, and less is free…

    Loved it…

    • earlyeagle1 says:

      Abdullah, Habibi: You don’t have to stop at forty. Just be aware of it, enjoy it, and move on. Try to use what’s behind the mind. The unlimited power of The God-given awareness and conciseness.

      The dream needs interpretation. Do you know anyone in the community who is rightfully skillful at that?

      Thanks for your thoughtful comments.

      Oh, the environment is the majestic Vancouver. You should visit to see for yourself! This environment has triggered the English writing (Have you heard of Townes Van Zandt?)

      Stay tuned for another poem soon InshaAllah.

      Love you man!

  3. salma says:

    This poem is the favorite out of all poems. This is what I was waiting to hear from your poems!!
    The imagery of the rainy day in the begining is so vivid; it really puts the reader in the right mood to read this poem and experience it fully. It also is a suitable introduction for the theme of the poem as it transitions to the man without the umberalla then to why the man does not need the umberalla and so on…
    ((You’re home, after a long trip, to discover, that from home you had emerged, and that long trip was in vain))
    This line is one of my favorite as it strikes a hard-core reality of life. People go long ways to attain what they could have if only they took what God simply gave them. Home I suppose is our fitrah for Iman, and people throw it away, going long tiresome ways to discover that peace comes from what God already gave us; that fitrah…well at least I saw it that way…it could mean many other things too, which is the beauty of this line…
    ((The trees stand still, for them; it’s another rainy day in Richmond))
    I adore this line as well, it is like someone was using a video camera, I so can see it, and even hear it, same with this one:
    ((The streets reflect the lights, little seas, with a short life))
    However, despite the fact that this a very strong poem, I still say that the structure of your poems in Arabic is much stronger, I mean concerning how you fit the words Ya sham was knitted better than this one, but this comes on its own once you read more works in English…
    Wow did I just give the longest feedback or wat??

  4. abu adeeb says:

    beautiful and majestic , iqbal , the old poet and philasopher had expressd that soul ; he changed his nation ..

  5. Lubaba says:

    I truly felt like I was this person walking in the rain, the imagery took me so far and I could truly relate to what the poem was saying, we do really wander around looking for freedom, for the many things we may have lost, even though if we go back to the beginning, back home we would find it all there, for we were born free but the ultimate struggle is to die free…
    Mashallah your writing is very descriptive and genuine, this is one of my fav poems…

  6. سيرين says:

    خالي الغالي يمان..
    كلما حاولت الكتابة لك لم أعرف ماذا يمكن أن أضيف.
    كلماتك كأنها تلخص رحلة أليمة .. انتهت باكتشاف جميل .. وشعور جميل.
    أعادك الله بالسلامة ..
    وأرانا وجهك الحبيب على خير..

  7. Hashem says:

    I don’t know what to say,but one thing for sure you changed my life:-)

  8. Hunada says:

    Im happy for you that you have found your freedom
    I like when you said that they are all illusions
    I agree that Allah has created us free and we should stay free………
    We shouldnt let people,things,places or even ourselves enslave us.

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